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“Raising animals and livestock requires time,
patience and a true commitment to the process,

with an end result of what we believe to be a quality product.”

– The Thatchers


 For every purchase of $50 or more receive one stamp. 
Once you have 10 stamps you will receive $25 off your next purchase.
Valid at the farm only. 

Welcome to Thatcher Farms

The Thatcher Family Invites you to visit the farm for the best in farm fresh meat products – beef, pork and lamb.

Thatcher Farms is located on 140 acres in Eramosa Township, in beautiful Wellington County. The family owned and operated farm offers customers locally produced meat products that are naturally raised, and that are hormone and additive free. Adam, a graduate of the Ontario Agriculture College and Dana an elementary school teacher enjoy farming and the lifestyle it provides for their family.

Thatcher Farms is entering its fourth year of business, which grew out of necessity and a love for “good” food. Knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown is an essential ingredient when looking to buy fresh, quality, sustainable meats. At Thatcher Farms you will meet your local farmer and you will learn how buying locally produced meats, eggs, cheeses, honey and syrup help to support and preserve local agriculture. Buying from farmers in your community is not only a healthy choice for your family but demonstrates respect for our land and the environment.

Buying your fresh meats from Thatcher Farms
means you can buy with confidence!

All our meats are raised humanely,
without the use of hormones or antibiotics.
We offer Halal beef, lamb and poultry. 

The Thatcher Family
The Thatcher Family leaning on a fence
Thatcher Farms Country Store
Please no smoking on our farm.  
No pets allowed as we have livestock on our farm.  

Why Thatcher Farms do what they do
and LOVE it!

 – By Dana Thatcher

At Thatcher Farms we invite you to the farm to meet your farmers and to see and experience the farm first hand. Connecting with your local producer instils a wonderful level of confidence in how your meats are grown and raised. Our first generation, small, family farm raises livestock in the traditional way and we are a part of each step in growing delicious, nutritious protein meats. Our delicious, home-grown meats are raised with care and a passion for agriculture and the land. What makes our meats stand out against any other is that we play a role in each step of the process that is required to bring quality meats to your table. Something many other producers cannot say they do. We grow our own feeds from hay and haylage to barley and corn silage, to peas and oats, right to the wheat straw for bedding. We ensure our animals have access to fresh water always, as well as clean, dry bedding. Our barns are well ventilated and allow fresh country air to flow through. An integral part of our process also involves trucking our livestock in a stress free environment to local abbattoires. We work closely and respect our abbattoires as they treat our animals humanely and with integrity. The whole carcasses are then returned to our farm where our in-house Butchers hand-cut and wrap each individual piece of meat. We utilize the whole animal, and ensure that nothing goes to waste. We have created a process whereby our customers feel confident in our processes and we are honored to have a place at their kitchen table. We love what we do and that shows in the quality of our products. Each piece or cut that is purchased is always tender and delicious, and you can always taste the difference. We are proud of what we do, and are lucky enough to call this our “job.” It is a true gift to be able to work alongside your husband and children everyday. Our children are learning the value of hard work and respecting the land all while caring for livestock. Our customers are also why we do what we do. Their deep appreciation and gratitude make the tough job of farming a little easier.