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Our Philosophy

On our family farm we believe that supporting local farms is an integral component of sustaining small, family operated businesses. By supporting local farmers today, you can help to ensure that there will be farms in your community tomorrow. Buying locally grown produce and meat products guarantees the customer fresher, tastier and more nutritious products. By cutting out travel time for food which diminishes quality and by reducing pollution and decreasing transport distances, you are ensuring fresher products for your family and helping to preserve the environment.

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Meet the Thatcher Farms’ Team

The Thatcher Family
Dana, Adam, Sophie, William and Thomas Thatcher

The Thatcher Family Farm is definitely a family run business. The Thatcher Family have opened up their farm to the public to promote and offer local, sustainable products from their farm. Adam, a University of Guelph graduate in agriculture has farmed his whole life. Dana, a school teacher, has left the education field to run and establish the Farm Market, Butcher and Bakery. Together with their three children they raise beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey. Sophie, William and Thomas are farmers who work hard doing the chores and caring for the animals alongside their parents. When not farming (which is a rare occurrence), the family enjoys campfires down by the stream in their back field and eating together daily, as a family. Growing and eating food is at the heart of the Thatcher Farms’ family business.

Jim McEachern
Jim began his career in the meat business as a teenager making in a local butcher shop in Guelph. Jim is the Head Butcher and Manager at Thatcher Farms. He is a wonderful leader and teacher of all things meat. He takes great care in providing customers with the perfect cut of meat. Many customers have enjoyed his Butchery Demo evenings on the farm. When he does not have a knife in his hand, Jim can be found on his mountain bike on the many trails Ontario has to offer with his wife Sara. He is an avid cyclist and outdoorsman and spends a lot of time maintaining the beautiful trails for others to enjoy.
Thatcher Farms team member Jim McEchearn
Thatcher Farms team member Marie-Paule
Marie-Paule Remiot
Bonjour, my name is Marie-Paule. I grew up in the Champagne area of France. I trained and worked as a butcher charcutier for eight years in Paris. I am also certified as a fine dining chef and a pastry chef. I came to Canada thirty years ago and have also worked in Jamaica, Australia and Costa Rica. It is a pleasure to bring all my culinary skills here to Thatcher Farm and Bake Shop.
Thatcher Farms team member Charmaine Whittamore
Charmaine Whittamore
Charmaine comes to Thatcher Farms with a great love for food and cooking. She is the friendly face you see in the farm market offering inspiration and cooking tips to customers. When not at the farm, Charmaine loves knitting, mixed Media Art, quilting, travel, reading (especially cookbooks and books about food). She is married to Rob and together they have 3 children.

My Story: “In 2010 I first ordered custom beef sausages from Thatcher Farms for my family when we returned from living for 6 years in Australia, they only eat beef sausages there. I’ve been cooking with their meat ever since and I jumped at the chance to work at Thatcher in the late summer of 2015. It is my happy place.”

Thatcher Farms team member Charmaine Whittamore
Kai Borghesan
Kai is our tallest butcher and by far our best health and safety officer to date. Oftentimes, when people first meet Kai they will say things like “Wow how can one guy be so healthy and so safe!”  He has been cutting meat since someone would trust him with a knife and cutting it well since we took him on. When he is not pursuing his true passions (health, safety, cutting meat) he can probably be found cooking up a storm or sitting down with some friends to eat said storm. We are not accepting any applications for his position no matter what anyone tells you.
Thatcher Farms team member Charmaine Whittamore
The proudest Titi (Aunt) out there!!  She loves to laugh as much as possible and smiles a lot.  Trying not to be the crazy cat lady, she is obsessed with her three cats.  Addicted to “The Office.”
Thatcher Farms team member Laura
Laura Fung
Laura worked in childcare for 10 years before running away to sea to work on a tall ship. Now that she’s back on land she’s happy to be working at Thatcher Farms and sharing her love of local food. She enjoys the variety of working in the store, the cutting room and the kitchen. Laura loves to knit, read, travel and participate in triathlons as well as making and eating baked goods – a hobby her friends are most happy for her to continue!
Thatcher Farms team member Charmaine Whittamore
Though she grew up in the area, Lisa spent over five years training to become a butcher in Toronto, at The Healthy Butcher and Sanagan’s Meat Locker. Given an interest in all things food related, she has also worked for a variety of bakeries, farms, and restaurants over the years, but has enjoyed working as a butcher best. When she’s not cutting meat at Thatcher’s, you can find her hosting dinner parties, growing flowers, preserving food, or writing.  This is her “id much rather be behind the camera than in front of it” face.

Contributions & Donations

Thatcher Farms is extremely fortunate to be a part of a wonderful community. We support and donate to the following wonderful initiatives:

  • Curl for a Cause in Wellington County
  • Power of Play in Fergus, Ontario
  • Rockwood Lions, Rockwood, Ontario
  • The Whistlestop Cooperative Preschool, Puslinch, Ontario
  • Eramosa Public School, Rockwood, Ontario
Photography credit goes to Milton Young. Dana’s father Milton enjoys photography as a hobby. He enjoys taking pictures of the outdoors as well as people but especially of his 6 grandchildren. He has been capturing the farm and farm life for years and we thank him for capturing the life that goes on in our Butcher Shop and Farm Market.
Milton Young and his Grandchildren