Butchery Demos & Dinners

From Farm to Table Butchery Demos

An experienced butcher and chef can make the very most out of any cut of meat. Join Thatcher Farms for our interactive on-farm Butchery and Cooking Classes. Our working farm provides the perfect setting for you to learn about the fine art of cutting and butchering beautiful, fresh meats whilst seeing first-hand how they are raised. Join our in-house butcher as he gently guides you through the craft, and demonstrates the skills required to break down carcasses into beautiful cuts of meat for your dinner table. There are many techniques that take years to build in order to become a successful meat cutter. Intertwined with chatter about life on a farm, raising livestock and cooking techniques, these courses will leave you wanting more of the farm life! Our in house Chef will also cater to the finer points of cooking quality meats and share many techniques that can be transferred into the home kitchen. All of our courses include the cutting demonstration, a meal, drinks, door prizes and lots of reading to take home!!!!! Seating is limited to allow each participant an up close and personal experience of “life as an on-farm butcher and Chef.”

To register call the store 519.856.4073 or email buylocal@thatcher-farms.com.  A credit card is required at time of booking. Our cancellation policy requires you to cancel within one week of the scheduled class, unless you can fill that space.

Thatcher Farms Butcher
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Upcoming Butchery Demos and Dinners

For the 2018 year we will be offering Butchery Demos to private group booking of 14 or more.
If you have a group of 14 people and would like to book a specific Butchery Demo please call us at 519.856.4073.

Pork Cutting Demo and Sausage Making *Our most popular course by far*

Come out for an enjoyable evening on the farm and learn about the art of butchery and Pig anatomy. Watch our in-house butcher break down a side of pork while learning all about the primal cuts of pork. Watch the unique art of sausage making while utilizing all the cuts from the whole animal. Our chef will be preparing a delicious meal including mini sausage rolls, pretzel crusted pork chops with braised red cabbage with sweet potato puree. To finish it off there will be a candy bacon sundae!

Come full circle at Thatcher Farms, from farm to fork! The class includes a bbq’d dinner, desert and choice of refreshment. 

Beef Basics: Hind and Front Quarters

Come out to Thatcher Farms and watch our skilled butchers break down a front and a hind quarter of beef into its primal parts. Learn how to break these primal cuts down into roasts, stewing cubes, steaks and cuts for ground beef. Learn the difference between an oven ready roast, premium oven roast and pot roast and what to serve with each. Leave with recipes and cooking tips for everything! Our in house chef will be explain the basics of cooking roast beef as well as techniques of cooking the perfect steak.

As always, dinner and refreshments are provided with the cost of the demo. 

Lamb Cutting and Poultry Basics

Come out to Thatcher Farms and watch our experienced butchers use a whole lamb carcass for a variety of delicious cuts that will make the perfect centre piece for your Easter dinner. Learn to break a lamb down into primal cuts, debone shoulders and legs into beautiful roasts, and cut chops for the BBQ. In addition to the lamb, you will learn how to quickly turn a roasting chicken into several meals. Our chef will be serving braised lamb shank with couscous and fresh spring vegetables. For dessert there will be a tartlemon mousse with fresh berries.

The class includes the delicious farm made meal, dessert, and refreshments. 

Smoking, Curing & Charcuterie

Join us at the farm for an education in smoking, curing and bbq techniques. The craft of charcuterie is a tasty way to prepare meat and enhance its flavour. Learn how to pickle pea meal, cure and smoke pastrami and smoke your ribs or butts to perfection. We will have an appetizer chacuterie board and have a main meal of pulled pork and beef brisket with slaw and baked beans. There will be a dessert of strawberry shortcake to top it all off.

Grilling for Father’s Day

Get your grill on for Father’s Day! Bring dad, for a fun night at the farm! In this class we will be looking at a variety of techniques used to make your grilling experience perfect! The emphasis will be put on which types of cuts to purchase for barbequing, the importance of searing, proper seasoning methods, the importance of resting and much more! Our in-house chef will be preparing different types of steak as well as back ribs for you to try.

The demo includes your dinner, drinks and dessert too.