Butcher Shop

Thatcher Farms’ on-farm Butcher Shop offers each customer a very unique field to fork experience. While livestock graze in the field, customers are encouraged to enjoy the whole farm setting and to learn and ask questions about how their meat is grown and raised by their local farmer. The farm is enjoyable and intriguing for anyone between the ages of 1 to 101. As one of the first on-farm Butcher Shops in Ontario, Thatcher Farms is committed to the field to fork experience for each and every one of their customers that visit. The Thatcher Family has opened their home and their farm to their customers to enjoy and to experience the beauty that farm life has to offer.

Thacther Farms Butcher Shop

Thatcher Farms offers quality, healthy, naturally raised meats. Their in-house Butchers are incredibly skilled in the fine art of butchery. Their skill, pride and dedication to the traditionally raised meats is evident in every single hand-cut piece of meat on offer. The Thatcher family takes pride in raising their stock, beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey on their farm in beautiful Eramosa Township. The butchery team pride themselves on the cleanliness of the shop and encourage customers to tour the butcher shop to see our facility first hand.

Terroir “terre”= land. A French term meaning all food expresses a sense of place.

Thatcher Farms’ meats are a very distinct product. There are a variety of factors that make each cut of meat so wonderful and delicious including the terroire of the land that comes from the farm nestled in Wellington County. Factors such as the micro-climate of Eramosa Township, the care that goes into how the meat is raised, the minerals in the soil, the clear, pure water and feed that the stock drink and eat. The family takes great pride in growing a variety of top quality crops to feed their livestock. Quality hay and silage as well as a variety of grains are grown on the 140 acre home farm. Trucking the livestock in an extremely gentle, stress free environment is an important factor in keeping animals happy and meat tender. Using local abattoirs who pride themselves on stress free environments and process is extremely important.

Thatcher Farms dry aged beef

Our meat isn’t just a piece of meat.
It’s a piece of tradition.
A piece of sunlight and of rain.
A piece that took many hours of hard labour and work to grow.
It is a piece of dedication to the land and to the tradition of farming.
It is a piece of perfection that will nourish your mind, body and soul.
It is a piece that rests as the centre of family meal time traditions.
It is a piece of delicious, tender home grown meat grown on our family farm.

Looking to order bulk meats? Use our cut sheets! 

Thatcher Farms Dry-Aged Beef Follows traditional butchery practices.
Thatcher Farms dry-ages all of their beef for a minimum of 30 days even the front quarters.
Dry-aging encourages the utmost tenderness in the beef carcass and offers a delicious flavor.
Even our ground beef is as delicious as a tenderloin steak because of this process.