Farm Market

Thatcher Farms’ Farm Market is exactly where your food story begins.

The knowledgeable and friendly farm team are always here to help and offer advice and guidance on selecting the ingredients you may need to make your meals perfect! The coolers are filled with a huge selection of delectable meats, each piece hand-cut. The pantry is full of delicious local ingredients as well as many products from other hard working farmers. Many staples such as fresh eggs, dairy, yogurts and cheeses, breads and canned goods are a must try at the farm! Weekends are a wonderful time during the Spring, Summer and Fall to enjoy the farm and the outdoor children’s area. Our weekend BBQ lunches run from May until the end of September.

Visit our beautiful farm market soon and Let your food story begin!

Thatcher Farms Country Store
Thatcher Farms Country Store

Introducing Thatcher Farms “Pantry and Grocery Box”

Thatcher Farms has paired with other amazing farmers to bring you the Thatcher Farms Pantry and Grocery Box. This tasty box allows our customers to pre-order a variety of selected items to help keep their fridge and pantry well stocked. This time saving purchase is an economical way to buy a larger quantity of healthy, wholesome items while supporting your local farmers. Enjoy yours today! $95.00

We now offer raw Pet Foods, Smoked bones and treats!

Our pet foods are a beautiful mixture of beef, pork, and lamb organ meats. You can purchase our raw pet foods, raw beef, lamb or pork bones, smoked bones and our famous smoked Pig’s Ears at our Country Store as well as the Guelph Farmer’s Market!!!

Pasture Raised, Whole Chickens and Turkey

Order your delicious pasture raised, whole chickens. Our chickens are raised outdoors and get fresh grass and hay all day long. $4/lb! We are also pasturing turkeys. Enjoy a fresh turkey right from our farm. $4.25/lb!

Buy Local and reduce your carbon footprint!!!

At Thatcher Farms, we believe that supporting local farms is an integral component of sustaining small, family operated businesses. By supporting local farmers today, you will help to ensure that there will be farms in your community tomorrow. Buying locally grown produce and meat products guarantees fresh, tasty and nutritious products. By cutting out travel time, which diminishes the quality of food and decreasing transport distances, you are ensuring fresher products for your family and helping to preserve the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Our products are all raised on our farm, in Eramosa Township. Our meat products are completely free of hormones and additives. We believe that our products are a healthy choice for your family. Buying locally here at our farm allows our customers to experience exactly how their food is grown.

Sign that says I love local food

“Buying locally helps to support and build the community that you live in. By meeting your local farmer, you will learn exactly how your food is produced and be guaranteed great products.

– Dana Thatcher