Bulk Lamb

Our meats are available to purchase in bulk. Such as a whole, 1/2 or 1/4 of beef. A whole or 1/2 pig and a whole or 1/2 lamb. We customize such orders to your exact specifications so please contact our butcher shop to place your order.



Enjoy a whole or a half lamb custom cut to your specifications.  We offer the most tender, tasty lamb you will ever have!!! A whole lamb is about 40-55lbs and can be cut in a variety of ways that meets your cooking needs.  A lovely leg of lamb could be cut as a roast (either boneless or bone in) or into leg chops.  A shoulder could be cut into a roast (either boneless or bone in) or into shoulder chops (blade and arm chops).  The rack of lamb can be frenched and kept as a roast (with the chine bone removed so you can cut it into chops after cooking), the loin always provides beautiful chops, the shanks whole for roasting, and any trim can be put into ground. There are many options and our Butchers would love to cut to your specifications! Call us today to reserve your lamb.  We cut fresh all year round.

Purchasing meats in bulk is the most economical way to purchase our tender and delicious lamb. When you order in bulk, we will custom cut to your specifications. All cuts are vacuum sealed and ready for your freezer. Vacuum sealed meats last much longer in the freezer as they are air tight. Our butchers will walk you through the process of requesting the best cuts that suit you and your family’s needs.

Click here to view/print our Bulk Lamb cut sheet

Whole lamb or ½ lamb: Whole lamb is about 50lbs

  • 45lbs and up: $9.50/lb (cut and wrapped how customer specifies)
  • 40-45lbs: $10.00/lb
  • 40lbs or less: $10.75/lb

Whole lamb not cut:

  •  40-45lbs: $9.00/lb
  • 40lbs or less: $9.50/lb

BBQ/Roasting lamb: (Under 40lbs) $10.00/lb (price may fluctuate depending on season)