Bulk Pork

Our meats are available to purchase in bulk. Such as a whole, 1/2 or 1/4 of beef. A whole or 1/2 pig and a whole or 1/2 lamb. We customize such orders to your exact specifications so please contact our butcher shop to place your order.



Purchasing meats in bulk is the most economical way to purchase our tender and delicious pork. When you order in bulk, we will custom cut to your specifications. All cuts are vacuum sealed and ready for your freezer. Vacuum sealed meats last much longer in the freezer as they are air tight. Our butchers will walk you through the process of requesting the best cuts that suit you and your family’s needs.

Click here to view/print our Bulk Pork cut sheet

Whole Pig: $4.50/lb
1/2 pig: $4.50/lb
BBQ/Roasting pig (under 60 lbs): $3.50-$4.00/lb (PRICE FLUCTUATES DEPENDING ON SEASON)

Extra Charges:
Sausage making: $2.50/lb ($3/lb for Honey Garlic)
Smoking: $1.50/lb